Our Success Journey Includes…

Together we can navigate the technology landscape to solve complex business challenges and realize your strategic business goals from strategy through execution.

Who We Advise

  • We advice innovative projects from the technology sector from all over the world.
  • We strive to bring projects from the early stage of development to becoming top tier in their industry.
  • Tech companies that have successfully raised early-stage funding are provided expert guidance in growth strategy and execution, both for business development and investment.
  • We leverage the knowledge from our experienced team to develop a strategy designed to help you work smarter, grow faster and compete stronger in the emerging market.
Our company is based in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Bangkok and Los Angeles.

Our portfolio companies and clients come from all over the world, and we pride ourselves in working on a global initiative.

Areas of Expertise

Building Technology Solutions and Use Cases

We provide expertise and build intimate relationships with the top 50 enterprise blockchain companies to help you build use cases from the idea stage to launching a proof of concept, as well as other various blockchain solutions.

Media and

We support you with creating stories and scaling the project, build the brand as well as establishing the right message. Our traditional PR media partners are amongst the biggest in the industry. We also host events for networking and brand building.

Community Management

We help building a loyal community and keep their engagement on a high level.

Partnerships and Investor Relations

We provide access to a wide network for business development and investment opportunities.

Digital Asset Exchange Listings

We advise and connect our clients with optimal and cost effective solutions for exchange listing.


Here are a few examples of media coverages on our portfolio projects


We work with top tier projects to elevate their success